Crankiness, Complaining and a common enemy

It seemed like such a promising start to the evening with piles of BBQ burgers coming into the kitchen, enough mac salad to feed two families for a week, and 40 ° February night. All that would change quickly with some early fireworks leading to an early exit (but now in 1st place) for Pat B ignited by Andy B (common enemy in this story). Another quick exit from the red table by Dan P, lead to a seat change for the early aggressor (former 1st place player) Josh H to squeeze into the real and fake big blind…Andy can explain how the math works on that one, or Tiera can – I’m not sure at this point. Long story short, yada-yada-yada, everyone was somehow upset with Andy – Dave B ended up winning (more…) and there has been a full shift of the leader board.

Very exciting with only 3 nights of point accumulating poker left to see how the top payout spots will shape up. Bring your very best poker to round out the season because there are lots of possibilities for top spots – except for Peter…

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