A little knowledge from a pro and finishing the uphill climb

With week 9 & 10 of points gathering remaining I thought it was appropriate to step back and take a little advice from a pro not only about poker but about applying knowledge beyond poker to everyday life.

It has been said that our league is an excellent sample representation of casino tournaments where we have a little of every character, skill and luck that you’ll find in casino’s across the US. I’m proud to be a part of this league and take pride in keeping it a fun, competitive and an enjoyable Tuesday night break from our busy lives. Let’s keep building our character, skill, and the luck will follow!

A little reminder that our league isn’t just about a couple of top finishes but a steady stream of finishes over the 10 week race for points. As illustrated by Pat Burke who has yet to finish first but has had 7 of 8 weeks finishing in 8th or better – to be sitting atop the points board as our current leader. Finish the uphill climb and try not to look behind you at those focused on the same goal as you!

Lots of possibilities to finish in the top 4 money payouts before Chip & Chair night. Good luck to all – it is going to be an exciting photo finish!

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