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Did someone say – Fiesta??????

While there were a lot of thanking’s directed at Tiera (ˈtir /rä/), not tiara (/tēˈerə/), for suggesting Taco Tuesday – all of the gastronomical thanks belong to the chef for once again going above and beyond the request and turning it…

Week 9

Status updated!  Thank you to our guest dealer Dean last night, especially for dealing me a win! Steve has a solid lead over the pack and the next three players are pretty tight with points with Alex on the hunt with…

Week 8

Done and posted!  We had a cozy game this week with only 9 players, it was kind of nice not speed playing this week.

Week 7

Congrats to Tiera for making the money this week! I counted wrong last week, we now have 3 weeks left for points.  With Altman on sabbatical he has moved out of contention allowing a few others to slip ahead.

Week 6

Stats have been updated.  Bring some heat for week 7 since we only have 3 more week for points.

Winter 2018, WK 4

Finally got the stats updated as well as the website! Week 4 means I start removing your bottom two scores.  Right now Steve and Altman have the largest gap between points and calculated points with 7, next being Alex and Pat…