Lots of money not so much with the points…

Dave A finished strong last night – with his second 1st place finish of the season and overall in 2nd place on the money board. The other 8-weeks have been pretty terrible leaving him in 13th place overall on the points leader board.

A surprise no show from Joe F left the top spots open for the taking…and Dave B/Gerry took full advantage. They have steadily climbed from being 9th & 10th overall in week 6 to now being in 3rd & 4th with only 1 week of points to go. Chris has 1 more week to remain in the top 4 payout spots but has had back-to-back 12th place finishes. He’ll need to find that rabbit foot he was donning from week’s 2-5 to keep his head above payout before chip & chair.

Queen T fortunately broke the 3-week 8th place streak by catapulting into…7th. Despite her poker prowess, she remains the lone $0 on the money board…Let’s go T 1 more week to get paid.

It is going to be an exciting week 10 with lots of possible openings for the 1 – 4th place finish…Andy’s in pole position with a full point 5.5 point lead (w/ lowest drops) but a full 8.5 overall point total lead making it a very difficult task to take him off the top unless he has an 9th place or worse finish and Dave or Chris finish in 1st…

Good luck and I have my sights set on a Chip & Chair where 1st will be looking at $300.

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