Did someone say – Fiesta??????

While there were a lot of thanking’s directed at Tiera (ˈtir /rä/), not tiara (/tēˈerə/), for suggesting Taco Tuesday – all of the gastronomical thanks belong to the chef for once again going above and beyond the request and turning it into a Fabulous Fuckin’ Fiesta!

Congratulations on another successful season and session of camaraderie to all league members new and old.  Below are the final chip counts for next week’s game as well as some photos of the chef in action – Enjoy!

Chip & Chair Night Chip Counts

Dave A – 13,050

Chris – 12,450

Dave B – 12,150

Pat – 11,700

Joe – 10,650

Dean – 10,650

Russ – 9,900

Steve – 9,450

Andy – 8,250

Tiera – 7,950

Josh – 7,500

Jeremy – 6,750

Peter – 5,550 (To be normalized to our regular starting chip count)

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