Week 9

With only one week left for points, looks like the Dave’s, Dan and Burke are a locked in for top 4, so its just a matter of what place they finish in. Would there be any complaints moving Chip &…

Week 8

Almost a repeat of week 7 for the top 4 players, Dan, Altman, Bilodeau and Burke are running the show.  Stats are all up to date, two weeks left for points.

Week 7

I had the stats done Wednesday morning but forgot to post the results… its all updated.  The Dave’s, Pat and Dan are leading the pack with three weeks left for points.

Week 6

It took a little time this week but stats are now posted.  Congrats to Dan with two first place wins in a row and Altman with some consistent top 5 finishes so far.

Winter 2017 Wk 4

Week 4, you know what that means, time to start posting stats every week. The points listed are yours minus your bottom two scores, so essentially todays numbers are just your best two weeks so far.