Food, Friends and a slightly creep look in his eye

Another great evening of food, fun and not starting on time…After some technical challenges the in-house IT dept. was able to address the Bluetooth connection for displaying the poker clock but that didn’t impact the roller coaster of finishes last night. We had Andy drop out, in an uncommon, early 15th spot but with Joe finishing 9th and Chris finishing 6th – pushed a 1-point gap between 1st and 3rd. Andy & Chris remain locked in a tie at 1st but both Joe and Andy have a 1.5-point differential on Chris for overall points (including all 7 week finishes). There will be some interesting shifts based on how those 3 finish over the next couple of weeks.

Peter is quietly sitting tight in 4th place – equally noteworthy – last night may have been the first time Peter stood up out of his seat and spoke outside of saying hello or goodbye!

Chef and host, Dave Bilodeau, has always maintained a steady cooking temperature in the kitchen and delivered a delectable meal to table but he must make a service call because the thermostat is broken in the living room – his ability to control the hi-heat temperature of his poker play is burning the guests (1st & 2nd place finishes in week 6 & 7).

Below are a few photos of the evening – 1 of Dean attempting not to go back on the disabled list by avoiding a cut to the thumb while getting the molester eye from Sean…1 of the delicious main course and a great photo (credits of our Poker Queen-T) of friends enjoying each other’s company over a good meal. Enjoy and keep those points coming! 3 more weeks of points!

2 comments for “Food, Friends and a slightly creep look in his eye

  1. Pat burke
    February 27, 2019 at 11:24 am

    Curious who sent me the flu to keep me away. #flusucks

  2. Sean Nicholas
    February 27, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    Great Stuff Josh, well done! Let’s start hearing about some paid bounties on some heads!!!

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