All it takes is a top 5 finish with a couple bad finishes from the top and maybe a double rainbow

We have got ourselves a hot start to the Winter 2019 session. With 17 people in the session it allows for some big swings to occur with 1 great finish from the middle spots and 1 bad finish from top spots. Joe, Andy and Chris have accumulated some great finishes allowing their drop weeks to still boost point totals with a couple bad finishes…which we know all of us want to deliver.

Keep up the pressure and good play. Here is a highlight of this weeks poker hands. Pat Burke vs Andy Bisig: We had a pre-flop raise from Andy and a flat call from Pat leaving the 2 heads up. The flop presented a 9♠ A♣ Q♣. Andy lead out with a modest bet which was again flat called by Pat. Turn card, K♣, gave pause to the continuation bet by Andy and we saw a check-check. A less attractive, 8♦, river card lifted Andy’s nerve still resulting in a check but Pat was fishing for some value with a 1,500 bet and a decidedly unhappy call by Andy. Pat Burke revealed his hole cards of 10♣ J♣ (affectionately known in our league as the Bilodeau) to complete the all mighty ROYAL FLUSH against Andy’s flopped top 2-pair with A♦ Q♥ .

For a statistics breakdown of the hand:
Andy – 58.7% (win) / 0.4%(tie)
Pat – 40.7% (win) / 0.4%(tie)
Andy – 49.0% (win) / 0.0%(tie)
Pat – 50.7% / 0.0%(tie)
Andy – 0.0% (win) / 0.0%(tie)
Pat – 100.0% / 0.0%(tie)
Andy – 0.0% (win) / 0.0%(tie)
Pat – 100.0% / 0.0%(tie)

The Royal Flush (odds of completing is 0.2% pre-flop, even after the flop it is 95.7% that you won’t complete it.)

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